With scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author Michael Tellinger


Long before the Egyptians saw the light of day, this vanished civilisation worshipped the Sun, they carved the first Sphinx and Horus Bird, built an ancient calendar aligned with Orion, (ADAM’S CALENDAR), and they were obsessed with gold. Their mysterious tools and artefacts indicate that they had an advanced knowledge of the laws of nature and they used SOUND & FREQUENCY as a tool – this is why we call this the first Silicone Valley. Archaeological finds connect these ruins to ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Dravidian’s, The Maya, Romans, Greeks and the Anunnaki gods of the Sumerians. This is an unforgettable treat for those who seek deeper knowledge and truth about our human origins. And for those who have seen sites like Stonehenge, The Giza Pyramids or Machu Pichu; the Stone Circles of South Africa will complete your journey.