Take a walk among the largest cluster of ancient stone ruins anywhere in the world. Discover the TRUE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND – now recognised as such by a growing number of researchers from around the world. Experience the deep mystery and find the true purpose of these ancient ruins – that were not dwellings for people, nor for animals.

Marvel at the sheer magnitude of work that went into constructing more than 10 million Stone Circles throughout southern Africa – constructed by a civilisation we knew nothing about, until the ground-breaking research of Michael Tellinger exposed it all in 2008.

A variety of tours and events is available to suit your needs or time frame.

Short Museum visit/viewing30 min
Museum Tour presented by our specialized tour guide45min – 1 hour
Short tour to Stone Ruins (includes museum introduction)Max 2 hours
Half-day Tour (museum and several stone circle ruins)3-4 hours
Full-day tour (Museum; Runs and Adam’s Calendar) 9am – 5pm
Adam’s Calendar only2-3 hours
Giant Footprint (1,5 hour drive one way)Full day tour